Our Fragrances

Angel Type:  This fragrance is inspired by the exotic & unique perfume. It creates special moods, like romance and love. It combines essences of honey, chocolate & caramel (for the sweetness) & is blended with vanilla, patchouli & sandalwood which gives the sweet fragrance it's exotic aroma. This is skin safe.
Angel Wings: A floral and powdery fragrance with a hint of the exotic. This is skin safe. 
Bamboo Musk:  A soft musk fragrance with notes of sultry florals and vanilla. This is skin safe.
Berry Tangerine:  A blend that says "Eat Me" a beautiful blend of sweet berries and tangerines coupled with tangy cranberry & fresh spicy ginger. This one is skin safe.
Black Raspberry: This is gorgeous!! A blend of light musk, vanilla , blackberry & Raspberry. This one is skin safe.
Blueberry Cheesecake: It smells just like it says. Delicious. For candles only.  
Brut Type: One for the men. It smells just like the real thing. This one is skin safe. 
Bulgarian Rose: A delicate soft rose fragrance. For candles only. (LIMITED STOCK).  
Chanel No.5 Type: An exotic perfume which has stood the test of time. It has been a popular choice amongst many women and now we can bring it to you as a gorgeous fragrance for your soy candle. It combines Ylang Ylang, Iris, Rose & Jasmine. With the essences of sandalwood, vetiver & vanilla which finish off this gorgeous fragrance. This is skin safe.
Coconut & Lime: For that get up and go. Such a fresh fragrance. This one is skin safe
Coconut Cream: A delectable fragrance for summer. It's a blend of whipped cream and coconut, sprinkled with lovely toasted coconut sprinkles. This is skin safe. (LIMITED STOCK). 
Coconut Citrus Sorbet: A gorgeous combination of coconut, citrus and ice cream. This is skin safe. 
Cucumber & Melon: A fresh fragrance of cucumber combined with subtle notes of melon. Delightful. For Candles only. 
Dragonsblood: An exotic and alluring fragrance with an undertone of the orient. This is skin safe. 
Drakkar Noir Type: One for the men. Simply stunning. This is skin safe. 
Egyptian Amber:  Truly exotic. An explosion of sensous herbs and spices, with hints of sweet florals. This is skin safe. 
Envay: A delicate floral fragrance, which leaves a lingering aroma around your home. For Candles only.  (LIMITED STOCK).
Exotic Woods: A stunning fragrance with a great scent throw. Sweet and spicy all rolled into one. This one is skin safe. 
Frangipani: A truly delightful fragrance that recreates the scent of one of the worlds most spectacular flowering trees. This one is skin safe.
Frankincense & Myrhh:  Soft and spicy, yet an exciting fragrance. This is skin safe.
Gardenia: A pure classic copy of the flower. This is skin safe. 
Giorgio Type: A true rendition of the classic perfume. This is skin safe. 
Green Tea & Lemongrass: A soft yet refreshing fragrance. This is skin safe. 
Grapefruit & Lime: A delightful burst of Persian Lime, Grapefruit & Tropical Mango. Blended with Nutmeg, Clove & Cinnamon which give this aroma it's intensity. An intense aroma that reminds you of warm tropical nights in the carribbean. This one is skin safe. (OUT OF STOCK). 
Jasmine: An exotic blend of freshly picked Jasmine flowers with a hint of Honeysuckle. For candles only.
Joop For Men: A perfect copy of the sultry and sexy mens cologne. This is skin safe. 
Lemon Myrtle: A true classic fragrance. This is skin safe.
Lily & Ginger:  A truly beautiful fragrance, blended with limes, bergamot, violet & peony. A soft subtle fragrance. This one is skin safe.
Love Spell: A classic rendition of the popular fragrance. This is skin safe. 
Magnolia: Smells just like the tree, yet softer. For candles only. 
Mandarin & Mimosa: Love your citrus! Then this one is for you. An amazing fragrance of sweet mandarins, blended with sweet berries, mimosa blossoms, pineapple, peaches, plums, fruity jasmine, soft lavender along with a base of lily and vanilla. This one is a must. This one is skin safe.
Morrocan Spice: Just close your eyes and your amongst morroco with all of the spices. A pure joyful fragrance. This is skin safe. 
Mulberry: A husky yet fruity fragrance. This is skin safe. 
Opium Type: A delightful true rendition of the classic perfume. This is skin safe. 
Poison Type: This sensual , powerful fragrance is not for the faint of heart. Poison is a distinctive blend of ripe berries, dark honey and a unique robust oriental blend. This one is skin safe.
Red Door Type: A luxurious flowery fragrance. A true to life rendition of the popular Elizabeth Arden perfume. This one is skin safe.
Rose: Just like Nana's garden. A gorgeous heady true to life fragrance. This one is skin safe.
Sandalwood: Sandalwood symbolizes a letting - go of the self.It is a spiritual fragrance believed to promote openness,compassion & peaceful Relaxation. This one is skin safe.
Sandalwood & Cedarwood: Sandalwood combined with cedarwood, a perfect combination. This is skin safe.  
Sandalwood & Musk: A gorgeous fragrance of sandalwood combined with the delicate notes of musk. A winner. This is skin safe. 
Sex on the Beach: A playful ploy on the popular cocktail. A fun fragrance to have. This is skin safe. 
Strawberry: Reminiscent of a basket of freshly picked strawberries. A true delight. This one is skin safe. (LIMITED STOCK). 
Tropical Orange Blossom: A beautiful blend of neroli & orange Blossom. A white floral fragrance with a bitter orange heart to give it depth and complexity. For candles only. (LIMITED STOCK).  
Tuberose: A delightful floral fragrance. This is skin safe. (LIMITED STOCK). 
Vanilla: So yummy!! it's edible. Just like old fashioned ice cream. This is skin safe
Warm Vanilla Musk: Delectable creamy vanilla and sweet brown sugar combine to complete this "YUMMY" fragrance. This one is skin safe.
Watermelon: Fresh and fruity. Just lovely. This is skin safe. 
White Musk:  A gorgeous special blend of Velvety musk, oriental jasmine, floral lily & iris, rose, sweet vanilla, fresh amber, patchouli, oakmoss & vetiver with hints of fruity peach. An absolutely delightful fragrance to tantalise your senses. This one is skin safe
White Diamonds Type: A glorious rendition of Elizabeth taylor's signature scent. This is skin safe.
White Tea & Ginger: Spicy, citrus - floral notes with rose frsh lily & Jasmine, highlighted with softened wood notes, moss & Light musk. This one is skin safe.