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For beautiful soy candles, you have found the home of elegantly fragranced soy wax candles and decorative soy  candles.Welcome to Evali Creations. We are situated in beautiful Orange NSW Australia where soy wax candles are our speciality. Evali Creations was born out of a love of creating and a love of scented candles.We have an extensive range of scented soy candles, aromatherapy soy candles, scented soy wax Tea Lights, soy oil burner melts and our gorgeous range of soy moisturizing massage candles. Do you want to match your scented candles with your decor? if you answered yes to this then our range of coloured scented soy wax candles is the thing for you.

 Why Soy you may ask? Soy wax candles are a natural, healthier way of creating a beautiful scented atmosphere in your home. Soy candles are  derived from a vegetable wax. It's natural properties allow the scent to be released without the need to add harmful chemicals to push the scent out. Normal parrafin candles are made from petroleum, so it's like burning petrol in your home. Take the healthier approach. Look after your health and your families. Switch to soy candles today and bath your home with natural candles.

For an alternative to handcream, why not choose an all natural soy wax moisturizing massage candle! Yes! they can be used as a handcream. We here at Evali Creations have been working on our soy moisturizing massage candles and we have come up with the amazing new lotion of the future. Have you heard of parrafin treatments at the beauty parlour? Well here is the natural alternative to parrafin. The molten wax is rubbed into the hands to create that lovely soft feel, it hydrates the skin leaving it feel beautiful. As an added bonus you can have your choice of fragrances. We are currently creating special aromatherapy essential oil blends for our range of soy moisturizing massage candles, as well as our range of perfume fragrances so you don't even have to wear perfume just simply rub it in and enjoy. For a list of fragrances that are naturally healthy and can be used on the skin, please email Evali Creations. 

Just added to our gorgeous range is our handmade Goats Milk soap. made with 10% liquid goats milk. Check out our handmade gifts page and read all about our beautiful soap. 

Do you have a function coming up? We at Evali Creations will make your next function smell delicious. For all your wedding candles, birthday candles & party candles let Evali Creations adorn your function with our beautiful candles to create your sought after atmosphere. For information regarding special bulk orders use the contact us page and we will create the atmosphere that you so desire.

We at Evali Creations match the scent of the  soy candle with a colour that springs to mind. We sniff the scent with our eyes closed and visualise a colour. If you want a specific colour with a scent please do not hestitate to contact us and we will accomodate you.

 So now we invite you to become part of Evali Creations. We would like for you to experience the beauty of soy wax candles. All our soy candles are hand-poured and made with love. Enter the world of Evali Creations and you will see that beautiful soy candles don't have to be expensive.

  We post to anywhere in Australia. International orders are most welcome as well.

Evali Creations takes no responsibilty for the misuse of candles. Please adhere to candle safety and commonsense when burning candles.

Please allow up to 3 - 4 weeks for delivery as candles are made to order.

Wholesale enquiries are most welcome as well.